For most consumers food is grown hundreds of miles from where it is eaten and much of what goes into the domestic kitchen is heavily processed and over packaged.  As a society we are learning to embrace a lifestyle built on minimalism and simplicity yet our kitchens are generally overstocked, unorganized, and full of wasted food.  If we want to create a lifestyle built around simple, healthy and sustainable values we must start at the root of where we live; the kitchen.  

Gather Seattle is an experimental kitchen that constantly rethinks the way we source, store, cook, eat and share food within a living cycle.  The kitchen cycle is designed around six key elements; grow, store, prepare, gather, nourish and reuse. 

Gather Seattle would provide a place for the PNW food and design community to share ideas, inspire, and create.  Gather Seattle would encourage healthier eating, activate environmental stewardship and foster social interaction.